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Menjangkau Ke Seluruh Pelosok Negeri

Since its founding in 1995, PT. Patra Telekomunikasi Indonesia, better known by the name Patrakom, has grown into a leading company in the provision of telecommunications services such as data communication networks, voice, video, multimedia and internet based on satellite.

Over time, Patrakom has proved itself successfully expand its business in serving the industries that require the implementation of telecommunication services and at the same time Patrakom also continue to develop new services and new perspectives on the rapidly changing world telecommunication.

Patrakom committed to providing timely service, competitive prices and a minimum level of interference.

With the acquisition of Patrakom by Telkom Indonesia since 2013 last year, Patrakom has now become vehicle Telkom in the broadband satellite business management that is focused on the Oil, Gas and Mining Industry, Maritime satellite and Plantation.

Patrakom partnering with manufacturer of telecommunications equipment to serve various companies and fields such as :

  • Oil & Mining
  • Telecommunication (Cellular Telecommunications Operator)
  • Banking & Financial Institutions (on-line system)
  • Media & Information (broadcast remote printing)
  • Plantation
  • Tourism
  • Government (Department)
  • Maritime;
  • Retail

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